She called me a tiger mummy!

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So… (And admittedly that is said with attitude and a puzzled look on my face)! I was dropping my two boys off at school and talking to some of the mums whilst waiting for the kids to go into class.

The mums were asking me how my business was going (, when one mum perked up and said, “oh you sell toys”, (in quite a condescending tone)… I replied “well yes, but not just any toys. They are educational toys, the purpose is to support children to meet their developmental milestones and help them be school ready”.

The mum then went on to say “oh, are you one of those mums”? So I asked what she meant! She replied “you know one of those mums obsessed with their child being the top of the class and constantly making them work work work, a tiger mum!”.

Before I got a chance to respond the school bell went and we said our goodbyes to the kids. Whilst driving to work, I felt annoyed, angry and to be honest another word for wee!

How dare she make me feel like I was this mum that forced her children to work and not have fun! It was not true. Yes I want my children to do well at school, be confident and be happy. Both my partner and I believe having dedicated time for work, fun and play is essential. We have lots of fun, it’s just that we also have work and learning time!

As I spoke to a friend about how I was feeling and to be honest having a rant. She looked at me and said “why are you justifying your actions? How you choose to bring up your kids and what is important to you is up to you!” You know what? She was right! Why am I bothered? Why do I care what people think?! The most important thing for me is that my children are happy, that is all that I care about..

So, if I am called a tiger mummy for wanting the best for my children, then so be it. High five to all the tiger mummies and daddies out there, we are doing a great job!

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