Making Friends

Making friends 🤝

With children back at school, some of them may find it hard to settle in. A great way to get them excited for school is helping them make friends. Follow the tips below if your child is struggling to make friends.

1. Share. Teach your child the art of sharing. Sharing their toys and time with other students will help your child develop skills and make them more approachable. Everyone wants to be friends with someone who is kind and caring. Make sure your child is one of those children that the others look up to. They’ll find it a lot easier to make friends if they are nice to everyone.

2. Smile. Like the aforementioned point, if your child is always smiling and friendly, they will make friends a lot quicker. Smiling builds trust and confidence and will put everyone in a good mood. As you know, being in a good mood at school is paramount to learning more effectively and quickly.

3. Join a club. If your child has a hobby, find out if the school offers a club(s) on that particular activity. Music, sports and reading are usually catered for but there are many other things you could ask the school about. If the club doesn’t exist, try seeing if other parents would like the same thing and maybe start a petition or speak to the headteacher. Joining a club is a brilliant way for your child to connect with other kids who have the same interests as them.

4. Birthday Party. If your child has a birthday and you are having a party for them, why not invite the whole class? This doesn’t have to break the bank. It could be a gathering at a local park when the weather is nice around your child’s birthday. You could host people if you have a garden. Inviting everyone will make all the kids feel important and will give your child the chance to talk to other kids outside of a school setting.

5. Encouragement. A great way to make friends is to be a good friend yourself. Teach your child to encourage others around them. For example, if someone in their class does something good, encourage your child to congratulate them. Encouraging others will not only help your child make friends, but they will become an individual that everyone admires for their kindness and good spirit.

We hope that you’ve found something in this useful. If you have any ideas on how to make friends, please leave a comment below. We love to hear from you all so please don’t hesitate to comment and like.

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