Back To School – Getting your child ready to go back to/start school!

As a parent, it can be hard to know how to prepare your child for school. Separation anxiety on both parts. Fear of the unknown. Are you worried that your child will be left behind academically? Here at GFLH, we understand what you’re going through and would like to give you some advice on how to deal with back to school. 

Every child is unique and they will all learn in different ways. If you have multiple children, you may find they all learn the same or that they all vary. It is totally normal to be a visual, verbal, musical, physical or mathematical learner. There are other types of learners as well and many  people use multiple methods. Nothing is off limits when it comes to learning. Never rush your child and ALWAYS have patience with them. You started off at the same point once, too. 

If you want to get your child ready to read, write and count before they even enter the classroom, we recommend purchasing this fantastic bundle. If your child is starting reception, this is the perfect gift for them. Our bundle includes the following; 

Galt Learn To Read, Galt Learn Maths, Galt Magnetic Shapes, Galt First Activity Book, Sight Word Bingo AND a Stegosaurus Hatch Egg.

Having fun with your child will help them to learn quicker and feel accomplished before stepping foot into any classroom. Build their self esteem and skills simultaneously for a smooth transition into school. 

Find the bundle at the link below.

If your child has already started school but is nervous to go back, we recommend doing the following. 

Establish a routine. A week or so before school starts, set clear bed times and rules so that your child is able to wake up on time when it comes to going back to school. Feeling refreshed will help them deal with their emotions a lot easier.

Meet the teachers. If the school permits, meet with your child’s new teachers to help them feel a little more settled. This can be done face to face or they may offer a virtual meeting. 

Go over a typical day. Try and explain to your child what they can expect from school during the year. Go through what lessons they may be having and what trips are coming up. This will take away any mystery and help ease some anxiety surrounding the unknown. 

We hope these tips have helped you. As well as the aforementioned bundle, we have plenty of toys to help your child with their schooling. You can check them out now at our website. We wish you the best of luck with back to school! 

Team GFLH 

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