Love Reading

Does your child have a distaste for books? Well look no further. Below are some examples of how to get your child reading in a way that’ll make them comfortable and excited. 

Looking for ways to get your child to read without books? Here are a few ways to engage them without splashing out on tons of bookshop favourites. 


Does your child have a movie that they watch on repeat? Is Paw Patrol more familiar to you than shows you watched yourself as a kid? A great way to get your child to read is by putting on the subtitles. As they sit down to watch something, turn the subtitles on and see if they can follow along. Maybe even try to recreate scenes with them. They’ll pick up new vocabulary and stay engaged for long periods of time without a book in sight! 


Another way to spend quality, fun time with your kids is by having a good old-fashioned sing along. Reading the lyrics is a great way to distract them from the fact that they are reading. The music paired with the words will help with their memory and the soaking up of new phrases and patterns. 


Do you and your child like to travel? Get your child to see if they can read the names of the train stations in your local area or the names of the streets near your house. This will get you out and about as well as helping your child read lots of new words in a way that suits them. 


The disguised reading doesn’t stop there. You could try and get your child involved in the kitchen. Not only will this help them with their food skills, it will also give them a new appreciation for how much goes in to preparing their meals. Have your child read the recipe to you whilst you do the cooking. 

Flash cards are another way in which you can read without a book. Compile some colourful cards with pictures and words and let your child try to figure out what the words are and what they might mean. Below you can find a link to a great ‘learn to read’ product that will have your child entertained and educated for hours. 

We hope you have found some of this information useful. We wish you the best of luck in your journey to getting your kids excited about reading. See you soon! Team GFLH. 

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