Are you crazy? Leaving the corporate world for educational toys?!


For the past 16 years I had worked hard in the corporate world.  Working longer than the 9-5 that was expected of me and travelling up and down the M40. Don’t get me wrong, I did it because I actually loved what I did and still do.   I then had my two boys and went back to work when they were each 9 months and sent them to nursery.   Yes, I heard all the comments from people, “What? You’re leaving them so young? (horror face )You’re not staying at home? But the truth was I loved what I did and being a people person I really missed meeting different people, which my job allowed me to.  I also felt that the time that I spent with my boys were more fun, as they had missed me and I had really missed them.  It was a good break for us all.

However last year my eldest started pre-school.  He was not a very confident child, quieter than the other kids and just needed more cuddles and attention to build his confidence.  I was quite surprised how much school work a 4 year old got!! As a mum, I really wanted to make sure I was there to support him with his work.  I truly believed if he was confident with his work at home it might help with him opening up at school.

So I went on the search for educational toys that could support the boys (my youngest was at nursery) and to be honest, I didn’t find it that easy. I had looked at what was expected of the boys at their ages looking at the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework and speaking to the teachers but found it hard to cross reference the toys to what the framework was advising.

Hence the mission began, I searched for the right toys from suppliers all around the world and that’s where the Gifts for Little Hands concept developed from.

I really wanted to support other parents like me, who were juggling work, life and general day to day stresses,  to ensure that when they do spend that quality time with their children, not only can they have fun but also make it easier for them to know how to support their development.

The more I read the more I realise these years are so important.  Your child should never feel like they are being made to sit and learn. Learning through play is SO important and having the right resources to help them along the way is a bonus to any busy parent.

Maybe I am crazy but now I get to do all the things I love, meeting new people developing the business, choosing toys that can support my boys learning journey and most importantly spending more fun time with my boys.

from a crazy busy mum – Neera

#learningbeginsathome #lovebeingamum #lovemyboys#feelingblessed

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