5 Products to Help a Child Get Ready for School

The summer holidays are almost over, the kids are bored but they still don’t want to go back to school. We know getting them focused for school again can be hard, that’s why we’ve picked 5 different products that we think are great for getting your children school ready again. They can play, learn and have fun all at the same time whether it’s on their own or with family and friends! Let us take the stress away…


Ready For Reception Bundle 2 – This bundle includes the Alphabet Alligators, Counting Cows and Ready, Set, Cut set. This is a great bundle for getting your children prepared for reception and supporting them throughout. It will support children to develop their maths and literacy skills. As well as allowing them to create their own masterpieces. These products will also help children develop their motor skills as they cut the activities and snap together the alligators and counting cows. This bundle is great for children to use during schools holiday to help them keep focused, entertained and have fun learning!

Phonics Dominoes Long and Short Vowels – The phonics dominoes sets are great for supporting children’s literacy and word building skills. Play the traditional domino game by each player taking turns to add their domino to create a new word, the colour-coded plastic dominoes encourage children to create hundreds of different words. This set is ideal for word formation games and other literacy activities. These are ideal to learn trough play as a family or with friends.

5 Products to Help a Child Get Ready for School sold by gifts for little hands

Mathlinks – Mathlink® Cubes Activity Set contains everything you need to develop early Mathematics skills. It also supports the Maths Mastery teaching method. The mastery approach to teaching maths involves three main elements: fluency, reasoning and problem-solving. It allows primary maths skills to be developed gradually through three different stages of learning (concrete, pictorial and abstract) as the child’s knowledge increases. These are great for getting children prepared to go to school because they’re leaning through play without realising.

Soft Foam Magnetic Learning Lowercase Letters – The Soft Foam Magnetic Learning Lowercase Letters are a great way to support the development of a child’s literacy skills. This learning resource includes four sets of lowercase alphabet with 104 letters in total. So children will be able to create lots of words. Can they place the letters in alphabetical order? What will they spell? Can they build a sentence?
Furthermore the letters are colour coded red and blue, which will help children learn to identify vowels from the consonants. This allows children familiarise themselves with different letters and words before they go back to school, allowing them to have a smooth transition going back to school.

5 Products to Help a Child Get Ready for School
Hands On Play and Learn Lowercase abc Fabric Ball sold by gifts for little hands

Hands-On Play and Learn Lowercase abc Fabric Ball – The Hands-On Play and Learn Lowercase abc Fabric Ball is perfect to play, develop literacy skills, get physical exercise and learn at the same time! An ideal way for developing a child’s physical and social development. Furthermore, develop literacy skills with this lowercase abc ball which is ideal for children to recognise from an early age. This is a great activity for children to do during the holidays as a way to keep active, keep learning and have fun with friends.

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